Music can change your life!

People seem to be getting stuck in at least one of the following areas:

Goal setting

The goals we have chosen bring up negative emotions (stress, fear, anger etc) so we avoid thinking about them or we think about them and the energy stagnates.


We are excited about our goals but we just forget about them and go about our daily lives. The initial excitement about goal setting settles down and it’s put in the “too hard basket” or just forgotten about as we go about our busy lives!


We are thinking about our goals when we are not feeling good (again, the energy stagnates). For example, if you have had a stressful day and you are tired, it is difficult to get into the right energetic mindset to think about your goals

So how do we fix this?

(1) Goal setting

When you are first thinking about which goals to write down… be aware of what emotions come up… you should be feeling excited when you think about having achieved your goals. Thinking about your goals should not make you feel uneasy, stressed, fearful or worried! If any negative emotions come up it is important to address them before you move on (See “Emotional Freedom Technique” in Resources section). Click here to learn tips on goal setting.

(2) Regularity & energy (i.e. getting excited about goals regularly)

This is where music comes in!! You need to be feeling good (i.e. excited and happy) when you think about what you want in life. If you are not feeling good (i.e. you are stressed, pressured, angry, etc) then you are more likely to get “stuck” and just tread water rather than move towards what you want. It’s a simple matter of energy. The simplest analogy is that you can’t “push and pull” at the same time…you won’t get anywhere!

You can choose to feel good anywhere, anytime, but lets face it, sometimes everyday life can drag us down! There are 2 easy ways to help us energize… through body movement and/or body relaxation. The right type of music can facilitate both and help us develop a regular habit of thinking about what we want.

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