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Tips on Goal setting

Write all goals down. It is also really helpful to think a bit further and know the reason for your goals… why do you want to achieve it? This type of self analysis can be very enlightening! If you are having troubles setting your goals then I highly recommend you visit a life coach (See Resources).

Goals need to be written and thought about in the present tense (e.g. When you think about your dream home see yourself already in that dream home)

Let your imagination take over when you start to think about a goal. For example when you get excited about your dream home see yourself watching the kids play in the pool, listening to their laughter, smell a roast dinner cooking in the oven, see your loungeroom… it is so fun to let your imagination run free. Visit open homes for inspection to get ideas.

When you are first thinking about which goals to write down… be aware of what emotions come up… you should be feeling excited when you think about having achieved your goals. Thinking about your goals should not make you feel uneasy, stressed, fearful or worried! If any negative emotions come up it is important to address them before you move on ( see “EFT” in Resources Section)

Use positive words only. For example: "I feel fit and look great in my jeans" rather than "I want to lose weight".

A “Vision Board” as discussed in “The Secret” (See Resources) is really handy. This is effectively a visual representation of your goals. Perhaps put a vision board in front of the treadmill?

Align your “joint” goals as much as possible with your partner (husband, wife, business partner) e.g. dream home, dream car, dream holidays, business goals. It greatly enhances the energy around your goal!

The more specific the goal the better. It is easier to get excited about specifics!

If you are, however, unsure of a goal then look for verbs and write a short phrase e.g. If you are unsure of your career, look for verbs which might describe the type of thing that you would like to do such as “I feel great helping people” or “I love travelling with my job” or “I love meeting new people everyday”.

Think about the end goal only- do not think or worry about how you are going to get there! It is important to build up the energy around your end goal by thinking about it often. Once you have strengthened the energy (and excitement) around your end goal, the details about how you are going to get there should start to flow naturally. Be open and aware. If you need help getting the process started, Life coaches can be a great help in this area.

Review/add to your goals on a regular basis. Most people only set goals once a year after “New years”! This is a great time to do it however I encourage you to review your goals more regularly than once a year.

It is important to have goals for all aspects of your life. It’s a great time to also review your life in terms of how much energy you are putting into the various aspects of your life… are you balanced? This can be quite a confronting exercise. I recommend initially spending some quality time by yourself thinking, reviewing and planning (with no guilt trips!).

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