Music can change your life!

Music is one of the most important stimuli to which the mind responds most freely. Anyone who has ever listened to music before knows it can be incredibly energizing! Listening to the right type of music is, therefore, the perfect time to be getting excited about your goals!

The right type of Music helps us get excited about and achieve our goals in 4 important ways

  1. It can easily be incorporated into either daily exercise and/or relaxation time (so we are thinking about our goals regularly)
  2. It helps to give us focus and intent (& maintain our focus and intentions)
  3. It helps raise energy levels (it is important to understand that both “fast/medium beat” and “relaxing beat” music can do this as discussed below)
  4. It is really enjoyable

What is the best music to help us achieve our goals?

The best music is “beat” music (i.e. musical beats without lyrics). This music is great because there are no distractions because of lyrics and the beat can be matched to whether you are doing body movement (use fast/medium beat) or whether you are doing body relaxation (use relaxing beat).

Beat music can be especially helpful if it has “reminders” throughout it to remind us to focus on our goals. All of the beat music at has the word “dream” inserted at intervals throughout the music to help keep you focused on your goals.

The beauty about this music is that everyone is hearing the same music but are dreaming of something completely different! Write the words to your own life and watch it play out!

So there are 2 types of music that can really help us achieve our goals:

(1) Fast/medium beat Music (for high energy & medium intensity body movement)

Fast-medium beat music is fabulous for exercise. Play a couple of fast beat tracks at the beginning of your playlist and focus on one goal. Then your “normal” playlist music comes on. It gives you focus and energy and you will often continue to think and feel excited about your goals for a lot longer than you otherwise would!!

Listen to a relaxing beat track when you are doing warm down stretches and perhaps think about a different goal then.

So you are getting not just the benefits of exercise, but also the benefits of spending dedicated time each day getting excited about your goals!!

Do you ever dance when no one is watching? We seem born with an innate attraction toward dance… just watch a baby or toddler naturally start moving and dancing with no inhibition… it is a beautiful and powerful thing to see and it’s a shame that our self consciousness creeps in and takes hold at a young age! Dance, especially when no one is watching and let your body move the way it wants to. It’s amazing in terms of raising energy levels!

Think about your goals everyday! It should never be a chore though. It should be exciting to do and you should feel refreshed afterwards. If not, then review your goals and clearing any conscious or subconscious blocks (see “EFT” in Resources section)

(2) Relaxing beat Music (for body relaxation)

Often it is nice just to lie on the bed or the couch and put a relaxing beat track on. Go to a deep place of relaxation where you can think about your goals. Afterwards you will feel refreshed, energized and focused.

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