Music can change your life!

First we need goals. GOALS are what we want to achieve in our life. They are our dreams & aspirations.

Having goals and feeling excited about them regularly, gives us…

Many believe that it is just as fulfilling being on the journey towards a goal as it is to achieve the goal! In fact they might argue that our mission will always be the journey itself. The journey keeps the fire alight in our souls. It is on the journey towards our goals where amazing life experiences await us.

Countless books and websites are dedicated to the subjects of goal setting, the power of intention and the universal Law of Attraction. The groundbreaking movie called “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne (see Resources) brought this to life for millions of people and it gave people more hope than ever that they can achieve anything they want to in life. People started thinking about their potential. People started getting excited about their lives and feeling like they had some control over their lives.

So what happened? Why aren’t people achieving their goals? Why aren’t people living their dreams?

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