Where is your passion?

31 October 2012

“Our passion is our strength Billie Joe Armstrong

“Passion for life” is such a great phrase isn’t it……it evokes meaning such as energy, love, drive, enthusiasm, determination and fulfillment.

That pretty much explains why passion is so important. Passion is all about doing things that keeps the fire alight in our souls and spirit. This genuine type of passion is not short lived…it is not extinguished easily.

There are always going to be certain ‘mundane’ aspects in everyone’s life…but it is important to find as many things as you can that excite and interest you and drive you forward in life.

Most people, when asked “what is the most important thing in your life”, will speak of their family and close friends. People are passionate about these relationships and I urge you to think about the quality of the time spent with family and friends. Always endeavour to treat these relationships with the respect they deserve.

I do believe, however, that it is a good idea to be passionate about more than just your family and friends. Sometimes you need to be a bit “selfish” and really think about what you want in life for yourself………..what do you want?

People who align their careers with something they are passionate about are both fortunate and wise. They are energized by their work. They love their work and it means much more than a paycheck to them.

There are many other important areas that you may find passion in such as various hobbies, volunteering and studying.

It is important to be balanced in life and that means being aware of how you spend your time and how energized you feel at the end of it!

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