Music can skyrocket your energy every day

7 October 2012

As Jimi Hendrix is famously quoted as saying, “Music is a safe kind of high”.

Music can quickly skyrocket both our:

On a personal note, music that I love…

Inspires me to dance and move my body
Inspires me to sing out loud
Ignites happiness & joy for the present and hope for the future
Inspires me to dream & create
Touches my heart and soul
Connects me with other souls

If that’s not enough, other huge benefits to music have been found including healing, helping depression, relieving anxiety, increasing learning and motivation and enhancing creativity. Music is a universal language which resonates with all human beings.

Our energy, both physical and mental/emotional, is subject to change from minute to minute, hour to hour and day to day. Our aim is to maintain a high and stable level of physical and mental energy throughout the day and be aware of and work through any lows as quickly as possible.

Music is such a fabulous tool because it can change our energy so quickly and the effects last for a long time! I love a broad range of music. I believe it is important to listen to a variety of music. Be open to different types of music from different cultures, eras and genres. Only listen to music that makes you feel good… that’s why play-lists are fabulous! Spend quality time getting your play-lists right and update them regularly.

One of my favourite songs to give me an instant energy boost is “Higher Ground” (Red Hot Chilli Peppers). I would really love to hear what song raises your energy instantly. What is it about the music/song that you love?

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