Time to get out of your comfort zone

11 March 2013

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone” Neale Donald Walsch

The comfort zone is our established, comfortable perceptions. It is the place where we feel at ease and everything seems to go pretty smoothly. It is the place where we know what to expect and are the most relaxed.

Why then should we ever move outside our comfort zones?

It is outside our comfort zones when the following tends to happen….we learn new things, we meet new people, when see new opportunities, we feel deep levels of achievement and satisfaction, we increase our connections with other human beings, we give more of ourselves, we are vulnerable, we take risks, we grow as human beings.

This is one area where a life coach will usually work on with a client. Firstly addressing the comfort zone (as most people don’t think of it much) and secondly encouraging you to move out of it (usually in slow steps). Life coaches provide encouragement and support and can help you see yourself and different situations in a light that you may not have seen before. They can also help you to think about and prioritize your goals and focus on what you are passionate about in your life.

I encourage everyone to try something new as much as possible in their lives.

Try to make eye contact with strangers and smile, try to speak up when you’re normally quiet, try a new hobby, try standing up for yourself when you normally wouldn’t, try saying no, just try something new for you!!

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