3 people who INSPIRE ME with their support of people with cancer

30 January 2013

Olivia Newton-John

Twenty years after being diagnosed with breast cancer and going through one of the worst times in her life, Olivia has opened the “OliviaNewton-John Cancer and Wellness Centre” in Melbourne, Australia.

Olivia is so passionate about this centre and opening the centre is one of her finest achievements. The centre, as part of Austin Hospital, offers world class cancer treatment and research and also offers several complementary therapies and programs such as music therapy and meditation.


Professor Chris O’Brien AO (1952-2009)

Chris was a passionate and compassionate cancer surgeon.  He himself was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2006 and despite his illness and ongoing battle with cancer, he had a vision and dream for world class, integrative cancer treatment centre in Sydney, Australia.

Chris envisioned a future where health professionals come together and work in synergy to get the best outcomes for patients. This vision will come to fruition in 2013 when the “Chris O’Brien Lifehouse” at RPA hospital inSydneyis scheduled to open. Chris passed away in 2009 but his legacy continues.

Chris Boyd

Chris founded the “Australian Youth Against Cancer” (AYAC) Charity after his own experience with cancer in 2009.

“Australian Youth against cancer is a group of passionate and dynamic individuals brought together to change the fate of young adults with cancer (18-35)”

AYAC does an amazing amount of fundraising for cancer treatment and research projects. AYAC is a “community” which supports young people with cancer, provides information and allows people to share their stories. We can all learn and be encouraged by learning of other peoples journeys!


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