3 people who INSPIRE ME with their passion for their love and respect of our environment……

15 November 2012

Sir David Attenborough

Sir David Attenborough commands attention as soon as he starts speaking. We want to see the passion in his eyes and hear everything he has to say.

He wants to show us the beauty of this planet, both plant and animal life. He wants us to think about our impact on this planet.

His closing message from ‘State of the Planet” conveys a crucial message:

“The future of life on earth depends on our ability to take action. Many individuals are doing what they can, but real success can only come if there's a change in our societies and our economics and in our politics. I've been lucky in my lifetime to see some of the greatest spectacles that the natural world has to offer. Surely we have a responsibility to leave for future generations a planet that is healthy, inhabitable by all species”.

Ian Kiernan

In the late 1980’s, Ian was motivated to clean up our world when he saw first hand the polluted state of our oceans. Ian Kiernan organised the “Clean upAustralia” campaign whose mission is “to inspire and work with communities to clean up and fix our earth”. It has attracted millions of helpers since it began.

Ian’s project makes people aware. It encourages people to change their behaviour. It connects people with their environment.


Miranda Gibson

Miranda is so dedicated and passionate about protecting the ancient Tasmanian forests from logging. The world noticed her as she communicated with all the latest technology from her temporary home of many months…an old growth eucalyptus tree inTasmania. She has taken a significant amount of time out from her “normal” life to attract attention toTasmanianForestconservation.

“It is time for Ta Ann to stop the destruction of these forests”


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