3 people who INSPIRE ME with their passion for making the world a more hilarious place to live in

13 February 2013

My gorgeous family

One of the most treasured aspects of my family life is laughter.

Giggles, cheekiness, playfulness and fun are held dear to my family and I adore it.

My family definitely bring out my “inner child”. Life becomes more joyful when you are playful and it is a lot easier to see the beauty in everyday things.

My friend, Jacqui

I have known Jacqui since my University days and I just love her for her playfulness, naughtiness and contagious laugh.

We have been up to mischief on many occasions and I always smile when I think of her. We both suffered chronic sleep deprivation at the same time with our children and we even managed to laugh about that (it was a crazy, sleep deprived cackle almost followed by a big hysterical bawl!)

“Growing up”, with all its trials and tribulations, has not dampened her exuberance.

Ellen DeGeneres

I just find Ellen hilarious. She smiles with a devilish twinkle in her eye and I find myself smiling or laughing as soon as she starts talking.

She seems to have so much joy and laughter within her and its quite simply contagious.

I have always found that when people are being authentic, true to themselves and in touch with their “inner child”, then humour just seems to naturally spill out. “Inner child” to me means light energy, playfulness, laughs easily, sees the humour in most situations (and loves to bare their soul dancing)! Adult and Inner child fuse perfectly with Ellen and it definitely makes the world a more hilarious place!

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