3 people who INSPIRE ME with their passion for child welfare and protection

26 February 2013

Emma Taylor

Emma is a young Australian with such vision and purpose. After seeing the plight of orphans firsthand in Nepal and realising more needed to be done, she couldn’t just walk away. Emma cofounded an orphanage called ‘Sunrise Orphanage” and now calls Nepal home.

Sunrise Orphanage has a vision of “all children living a life of freedom, happiness and peace, in an environment where they are loved, valued and respected and have the opportunity to reach their full potential”.


Lynne Sawyers

Lynne has dedicated time, support, understanding and most of all love, to over two hundred foster children over the last sixteen years.

Now in her late sixties, she is still continuing to provide help to children that need it. She has changed children’s lives and given them hope and light where once there was only darkness.

Kendall Ciesmier

Kendall is nineteen and is the founder of a charity called “Kids Caring 4 Kids” (KC4K).  Despite having her own serious health issues, Kendall realised, from a very young age, the “power of service” and the gift of giving.  The charity has grown and now supports several life changing projects in Africa.

“The mission of KC4K is to inspire youth in the United States to care for those in need, activating empathy within their hearts, and empowering them to make a difference in the world by connecting them with the needs of their peers in Africa.”


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