3 people who INSPIRE ME with their passion for animal welfare & protection

22 February 2013

Steve Irwin (1962-2006)

Steve Irwin coined the term ‘wildlife warrior” and it sums him up perfectly! One of Steve’s biggest passions was wildlife conservation.

In 2002, Steve and Terri Irwin established the “Australia Zoo Wildlife Warriors”. This organisation supports the protection of injured, threatened or endangered wildlife, both within Australia and internationally. This was just one of many of Steve’s important legacies.

Steve radiated passion, positivity, exuberance & love and his dreams will live forever.


Ingrid Newkirk

Ingrid is has been involved in the protection of animals since 1972. She is the cofounder and current president of “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” (PETA), the world’s largest animal rights organisation.

PETA has exposed animal cruelty in laboratories, testing facilities, farms, animal pounds and elsewhere. PETA has made corporations, individuals and governments aware and accountable and this has resulted in major improvements in the lives of millions of animals worldwide.


David Sheldrick, MBE (1919-1977)

David was dedicated to the protection and preservation of Africa’s wilderness and its denizens, particularly endangered species such as elephants and black Rhino.

The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust was established in his memory after he passed away in 1977. Animal welfare is a cornerstone of their work. “The Trust highlights and battles the abuse of animals wherever and whenever it occurs, be it during culling operations in Southern Africa, inhumane treatment of animals in Circuses or Zoos, cruelty inflicted by the infamous live animal and bird trade or abuse at a field level in the name of Science.”


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