What an amazing, challenging, difficult and exciting journey so far…

I was at University studying Accounting/Economics when I “stumbled” across a book by Dr. Maxwell Maltz called “Pyscho-Cybernetics”. I was so excited by this book I made everyone in my family buy their own copy! For the first time in my life I felt like I had some control over who I was and what I was doing. So I learned about goals and how effective visualisation can be, but the one thing that I didn’t get from this book (and didn’t learn until later) was the importance of passion in life.

So I plodded along for a decade and always strived to “do my best” but at the end of the day I constantly felt “there has got to be more to life”. I had no goals that I was really excited about. I had no passion. Everything eventually suffered including my relationships and my health.

I “woke up” when I was in my late twenties when I realized that what would make me truly happy on a day to day basis would be helping people in some way. I wanted to make a contribution to this world and I just felt like I couldn’t do that in the world of Finance (although of course it is possible for some people!)

It took a lot of soul searching and researching but I finally decided to study to be a Nutritionist. I wanted to educate myself and eventually others about the importance of eating well. I went from a highly paid full time accounting position to a less stressful full time accounting position and at the same time my long term relationship failed. To the outside world it looked like I was falling apart but in reality I was happy! Don’t get me wrong, there were still lots of tears as I grieved for the ‘safe’ life I was leaving behind. I was outside my comfort zone and it was scary but exhilarating!

Over the next couple of years I then went to a part time position and eventually I finished accounting altogether and went to earn minimum wage getting work experience in a health food shop. This was the first time I had ever worked in retail, the first time I had talked to customers and I had no idea what I doing. Despite this, I hadn’t been so happy in a long time because I felt like I was finally on the right path!

I realize now that studying Nutrition was just the beginning of my next journey. I have had so much to learn about food and health and my study was the catalyst for so much change in me, physically and emotionally. I have also studied Life Coaching as it is an awesome complementary tool on a professional level  and on a personal level. I believe that having goals and focusing on them regularly is the only way to positively move forward with life.

Dream2beats came about so that I could help myself and others to focus on goals on a daily basis. It is part of my day, everyday, and it makes thinking about goals an enjoyable, easy and energizing thing to do. This music can help anyone who dares to dream! Enjoy!

D. Allen
Dreamer & Founder of dream2beats


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